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Lumina specialises in discovering and performing music that is rarely heard. Ranging from medieval gems to masterpieces of the Renaissance and later, Lumina has also established a niche nurturing Australian composers, including performing dozens of world premieres.


Lumina Time Traveller's Guide 2024 #4.jpg

Lumina's latest "A Time Traveller's Guide to Choral Music" starts in 5th century Armenia with some of the earliest music ever written, by seminal composer, writer and linguist Mesrop Mashtots. From there we journey to western Europe, taking in the sounds of southern France and Italy in the 14th century, before landing on a 16th century work by the father of the Renaissance, Josquin des Prez. We then wing our way through 17th century England, 18th century Germany and back to France between the wars, before alighting in the modern era, with works from Bosnia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Australia, including works by 3 composers from within the choir.  It's another whirlwind journey through time and place, but with Lumina at the helm, you're sure to have an enjoyable journey, although we can't guarantee there won't be a bit of turbulence! Come and hear this farewell taste of what we're taking to the World Choir Games in Auckland, NZ in July.  Two concerts only...

Saturday 29th June at 3:00 pm

Aldinga Institute Hall,

23 Old Coach Rd, Aldinga

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Wednesday 3rd July at 7:00 pm

St John's Anglican Church

379 Halifax St, Adelaide

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