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Singing outside the square

Lumina Vocal Ensemble has been working for over 23 years to perform music from 'outside the square'.


Based in Adelaide, the group comprises experienced and emerging choral specialists and aims to share rare and inspiring music with SA audiences.


Not only specialising in medieval music, Lumina also supports contemporary composers, particularly SA women composers.


Lumina shares its performances with international audiences (~2m views), raising awareness of the huge talent we have in South Australia. Lumina has developed an international following via recordings and the internet. With five physical and two electronic CDs published and over 200 tracks available online, Lumina is listened to by hundreds of people every day and has over a million views on YouTube.

The most popular works are those from the medieval period, but the contemporary Australian music is also getting steady exposure.


This is what Lumina is about – sharing wonderful music with the world, seeking out moments of magic, challenging listeners with new ideas, and giving both old and new composers a new voice.


Lumina recordings are used in schools for music education across the world.


Our aim is to educate, share and support great music and musicians.

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LUMINA: Members
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