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A Medieval Songbook 9 - Christmas music

A Medieval Songbook 9 - Christmas music

This ninth volume in Lumina’s series of Medieval Songbooks is dedicated to the music of Christmas! Christmas was a significant festival for the people of the Middle Ages – a time of joy and mystery. Most of the music marking the festival speaks of the story of Mary and the birth of Jesus. We hope you enjoy this special collection of some of Lumina’s favourite Christmas pieces from Medieval times.

We’ve also created a Medieval Songbook 9 playlist for you on our YouTube channel (a quick way to hear our performances of these wonderful pieces).

Adam lay ibounden  Anon, English, C15 (SA)

Adam lay in bonds for 4,000 winters because of an apple that he took

Angelorum gloriae  Anon French, C14 (2 part)

Surrounded by the angel’s glory, He is made flesh today

Lullay, Lullay: As I lay on yoolis night  Anon English, C15

As I lay on yule night, along in my longing, I thought I saw a fair sight - a maid with a child

Be merry, be merry  Anon, Musica Britannica, C15 (SSA)

I pray you be merry, everyone, for a child was born of a maiden to save mankind

In natali Domini  Anon, Codex Speciálník, C15 (TBB)

On the birthday of the Lord, angels rejoice and sing Glory be to God

Nesciens mater  John Dunstaple, C15 (ATB)

Knowing no man, the Virgin mother bore the Saviour of the world

Nova, nova, ave fit ex Eva  Anon C14 (unison)

All hail the new Eve – Gabriel of high degree came from the Trinity to Galilee

Nowell sing we  Anon English, C15 (ATB)

We all sing a Christmas carol now the King of peace has come

Nowell, nowell, Tidings true  Anon English, Musica Britannica C15

Nowell, this is the salutation of the angel Gabriel

Nowel – out of your slepe aryse  Anon English, Selden MS c1430

Arise from your sleep and awake, for God has taken on human form.

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